How high should you tee your ball - Golf Academy at Hatchford Brook

December 11, 2018by scaggmoosh0

We often get asked this question in our lessons, and the answer is somewhat vague. Although there is a general rule of how high to tee the ball, it is not written in stone.

Most people would say, when using a driver, that when teed up half the ball should show above the top of the driver. We would agree that this is a pretty good starting point. However, you may need to alter this slightly, depending on your strike. Lets imagine that you normally hit the ball on the bottom of the face. This means that the club is swung too high in comparison to the ball. Therefore making the tee slightly higher would help, and vice versa if you hit the ball too high up the face.

If you’re not sure where you strike your drives, grab an impact sticker or a can of athletes foot powder and apply to the clubface. It will show you where your contact point was on the face.

So how about irons? Well I often see people tee up irons WAY too high! It normally means that they have to adapt their swing to hit the ball sweetly, which doesn’t make sense. Tee it up low and stick with the same swing you use when the ball’s sat on the fairway.


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