Bunker Blast - Golf Academy at Hatchford Brook

December 11, 2018by scaggmoosh0

Here are our top reasons why people don’t get their ball out the bunker…

1) Too soft
Give the ball a whack! In a bunker you have to hit the sand before the ball, this slows down club and ball speed. So you need to swing it quicker to get it out!

2) Slide not dig
Make sure the club slides under the ball and doesn’t dig into the sand. If it digs then it’s a bit of a lottery if it pop out. Imagine your ball is on a slice of bread, you want the club to go under the slice and come out the other side. There’s no need to dig the club into the sand to do that!

3) Wrong club. A sand wedge is called a sand wedge because it’s great in the sand! We see so many people use a lob wedge with a low amount of bounce. A club with low bounce will try and dig into the sand instead of slide (see above).

4) Sand too early. Watch out where you’re striking the sand. You really want to hit the sand a couple of inches before the ball. We see plenty of people try to desperately scoop the ball out and hit the sand up to a foot before the ball. By the time the club gets to the ball, it would have lost all its speed and will just hit the ball few feet.

Hopefully this may help you hit better bunker shots, if you’re still struggling let us know.


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